My old Renderosity account is still floating around! They kept it all! Oh man, flipping through those images was weird. I was really excited about most of them back in the day, but half of them I don’t even remember making anymore. View at your own risk! Some really old stuff in here.

All of these were made in Bryce3d, which means most everything was made with booleans or, on occasion (in the image below), custom made height maps.

Things I learned:

1.) Younger me just kinda ripped stuff off and figured no one would notice. I think I still inadvertently rip stuff off just as much, but having 15 years of additional experience, it’s diffused across enough popular culture that nothing really stands out.

2.) I’d like to say that the limitations I was running up against were created by the hardware, and… maybe that’s true? I know I’ve been pushing the poly-limits of my scenes since forever. And obviously there have been huge improvements in render speed/possibility (I couldn’t do soft lights back in these days, so I’d have to make a grid of dim point lights. Trying to make the diffused light from a big blue sky? Pretty tricky!), but there’s also the self-decided level of acceptable detail. Looking at the picture below, that big ship is just a few spheres, and the “garage” is, like, literally 10 polygons. Now, I actually just keep adding detail until you don’t see it anymore, usually. If I were to do that ship I’d spend days on it, sometimes adding every bolt. Which- I dunno. Not to sound pretentious or anything, but usually when folks are like, “My cg/art/whatever isn’t very good,” it’s like, “Man that’s cause you only spent like 2 hours on it though, and expected to have a cool thing.” Spend a couple hours trying to make a small cool thing, and combine that with lots of other 2 hour projects, until you have a big ol’ cool project.

3.) The stuff that really doesn’t hold up are the things that aren’t even related to technical restrictions or anything- it’s just a lack of thinking things through. The number of pipes I put into scenes that obviously go nowhere, or (in the image below), totally random brick walls stuck into random chunks in the city scape, or things being at the totally wrong scale- those are the things that drive me crazy now.

This is one of the very (very) few images I made that didn’t incorporate a spaceship or a robot.

Mostly I was just lazy. You see that electrical box in that one? With the pipes not going anywhere? I used that thing everywhere. And I never connected the pipes to diddly squat. Nice vignette.

Why did I make the big war tanks construction-site yellow? Because I was an idiot child.  Also this vignette is out of control.

Okay this one’s pretty cool. 50% this thing and 50% that blade runner car.  If I could go back in time, I’d tell myself to not use that vignette all the time.

Because I couldn’t handle a lot of geometry, for almost all of my cityscapes I’d put huge mirrored planes in the background, reflecting the city and making it seem larger- that’s why the sun angles in the above render make no sense at all. I’m serious- any time you see anything repeating, it’s just mirrors. Repeating forever. Almost for as long as I put a vignette on everything.

I spent like 5 minutes assembling some pipes one time and then used them in almost every render forever after that. Just like vignettes.

This is the first thing I ever posted that got 100 views in one day. I remember being very excited.

He’s upset about the vignette.

I forgot about this one! Kind of reminds me of the recent one I did, which is fun.  Look at that glowwwwwww|

I used to use the word Monolithic all the time. Unfortunately I just thought it meant something was tall.

This was the first time I ever implemented different color temperatures into the artificial lighting! I was very excited.

Just rippin’ off the production design for the Matrix/Reloaded.

See, it’s those same pipes, and just more mirrors- but this time at an angle so it’s kinda zig-zaggy. That works pretty well! Hah! And I had one on the ceiling too, so it looked twice as tall, which is why I have that super awkward photoshopped (errr- Corel Paint?) patch over it in the reflection.

Hey look at that! It’s- was this my first Blender render? Oh! No, this is still Bryce! One of the last models I ever did.

Jumping back a few years. Look at that awkward ship. I spent so much time just trying to be Rochr. I wonder what happened to that guy. He was amazing! I spent forever looking at this image.