This is a first of a series. Frictional Games, creator of the video game, “Amnesia, The Dark Descent”, was coming out with their long awaited next film, SOMA (out now!). They hired Imagos Films to create a couple short films as part of their pre-release marketing campaign. Vivarium was the first of these that we did, and was a fun blend of practical and digital sets. It and the other short (Mockingbird) went over so well that it lead into the SOMA webseries (series of shorts? pre-release viral campaign?) the following year.

We only had a few days from the time we shot the commercial to release- like, 2-4 days, I think. Which isn’t much time at all to do all the post. Originally the shorts were going to be 4k, but just exporting a keyed version of the footage was going to take over that much time, so we ended up finishing in 2k.

From a VFX standpoint, a small victory: you see that tablet she’s holding? The content was actually on it at the time of filming! Oh yeah! Basically the only time ever, on like any shoot I’ve ever done, that a screen wasn’t done in post! Hahaha!!!

I got to help design a lot of the things! Below’s a quick image dump of concept art and work-in-progress stuff.




The more-or-less after.


And the before!