Back in 2012 I got the incredible opportunity to work with the Blender Institute on one of their films. I’d been using Blender for 8 years or so at that point, and had done a lot of live-action/CG integrated films, when Ton Roosendaal approached me about writing/directing the Blender Institute’s next Open Film. The film was supposed to 1.) be fun 2.) advance blender’s capabilities (particularly in terms of motion tracking and compositing and 3.) feature The Netherlands/Amsterdam, in a celebration of  Dutch culture and film.

It was a wonderful year working with some of the best folks I’ve ever known.

There’s a LOT of useful information over at the movie blog. Part of the project was documenting our workflow and discoveries, and we learned a lot.  It was one of the first major projects to implement Blender’s new render engine, Cycles, and it was a solid 9 months of problem solving and creativity.

Here’s the 4k version here: