Just a quicky! As part of a recent project to keep the Rotten Dragon instagram active, I’m going to start compositing this kiosk into various locations.

In this case, I put it into a picture I took last summer while exploring the Columbia River Gorge with Kaitlin, at Horse-thief Butte.

This place is really fun- just a big ol maze of interlocking rock hallways.

I had to project the image onto 3d geometry in order to light it the way I wanted. This is a really cool trick I’ve been falling in love with lately. You don’t even have to be all that precise- it’s a fairly forgiving process.

Here’s what it looks like with the image mapped onto it. We’re not at the cameras point of view, so you can see a lot of stretching, but the closer you get to the angle of the original photo, the better it holds up.

And here it is with final lighting! This whole process, start to finish, only took about an hour and a half at most.