Another Imagos commercial! This one for a game called Organ Trail. It was shot all the way out in Eastern Washington, but the schedule didn’t allow enough time to get the car exteriors, so I put together a few shots using some on-set photography of the car, and a bunch of cheating! I’m becoming an ever-increasing fan of projection mapping.

The hardest part of this one was the animation- the whole thing is animated by hand, and to be honest, it only really works because of the amount of camera shake. I tried to animate it as if it were being filmed out of the back of another truck, driving parallel on a gravel road.

The grass was made using Blender Guru’s ridiculously useful Blender addon, Grass Essentials. Definitely recommend checking that out.

Check out the VFX breakdown here:

An Imagos behind-the-scenes here:

And the final commercial here: