So back in 2010 I thought it’d be fun to draw a comic set in the Dynamo universe about a girl raised by samurai movies. And it was fun. But it took forever (2+ hours per panel). It’s a problem I’ve been running into- if I can see a place to add more detail, I add it- which is why stuff usually ends up taking a long time (and why I have this ever-increasing disparity between my “quick projects” (a couple minutes/hours per project), and my “real projects” (years+.)), that I eventually figured it’d make more sense to do in live action (and we did!).

I didn’t know how to draw eyes, so I went the Little Orphan Annie route.

It was never finished, but I’ll share what I got!

And that’s the end! I highly doubt I’ll ever add any more, although I definitely enjoyed working in the medium. We’ll see.