At some point I really want to try to make a full isometric live-action/cg video. It’d be totally tricky, but totally doable- probably involving lots of forced-perspective sets, drones, and digital warping. Since I don’t have any overly specific plans for it (he lied), I figured I can start to share some of my early experiments here.

It’s ridiculously easy to set up isometric rendering in Blender- click the “ortho” button, then you just have to figure out the right angle. Rotating down 35 degrees from the horizon seemed to provide the correct measurement, where the X, Y, and Z axes (huh! Had to look up what the plural of axis was) are all equally represented.

There’s a rich history of isometric representations in computer graphics history, and I’m grossly uninformed about most of it. Although I did play Command and Conquer as a kid, so… I have a little license, I s’pose.

This first render is for a future Rotten Dragon website- I’ll post more about it soon. It was the render that started off the idea of trying to make a full isometric video.