I think I may have a new favorite place in Washington, if just because of how darn fun it is. It doesn’t look like much on a map, but once you get in there, it’s a series of channels you can walk through- like a maze, like a McDonald’s playspace for adults. The natural features feel like hallways and rooms for you to explore. Every cliff is scalable, and every view is crazy fantastic.

Kaitlin and I stopped by on a whim- like, we literally drove by, then turned around to go back, cause what the hell. Glad we did!

That said, after an hour or two of climbing around, we got to the very top of the highest point and looked down at the view and saw my van lights were on- so we had to figure out how to get back through the labyrinth as quickly as possible as the rain started. It was good.

And looking at these pictures, you might think, man, Ian really likes to take pictures of Kaitlin’s back. See, when we’re out doing a thing, I always feel awkward interrupting the moment with a camera, so usually I just lag behind for a second, pull the camera out, snap a shot, then jog to catch up. Usually I don’t take so many pictures, but this place was, again, just way too fun :D.