Here’s a quick vehicle I made for a flashback sequence in Dynamo. It’s supposed to be an early version of the modern chopper/police vehicle. I always loved the old aluminum/steel look of the early unpainted bombers, and I think it still falls in that great niche of old-fashioned future. Also radial engines. At one point they were going to be, like, laser radial engines, with big old glowing laser propeller blades, but I decided that was a bit too much.

Like- how would that even work?

At one point I’d wanted to make a film where the vanagon was converted into some sort of overly elaborate flying machine, so I built a crazy greebled attachment that I figured I could 3d motion track onto the van. Which still sounds fun- but I never got around to doing it, so I raided the model for parts.

Honestly, this entire piece is made of parts stolen from other projects. I modeled the windshield and a bit of the fuselage new for this; everything else was just lifted from other models I’d previously made.