Wooo! “Arrows” was a Fences/Macklemore/Ryan Lewis piece from 2014, with a music video directed by Jason Koenig and John Keatley. Since there were so many creative forces involved, the project was really iterative, with a month of a half of extreme postwork following a big green screen shoot. Jason Koenig is a beast, dude. I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Nate Taylor and I did most all of the VFX work, with the help of tracking guru Sebastian König on a particularly gnarly shot. Nate did most all of the 3d tracking for the music video, and I’d figured the train interior would be the simplest scene to track, since it’s just a big rectangle, but during filming they shook the walls a little to make the train set look like it was moving, meaning our biggest source of tracking data were huge deforming planes. Sebastian said he could help, but even he wasn’t getting it quite as clean as he’d like. In the end, I heard Sergey Sharybin had to actually modify a bit of the motion tracking code-  and the track was perfect.