Another environment binge! It’s been great having a few days to myself to be able to work on random projects. I’m still trying to get through this early 90s kick. That feeling of a glowing CRT on a particle board shelf. I kept labeling this image as sci-fi, but apart from the weird steel post in the room, and the odd metallic walls, I suppose it’s not, really.

I initially started this piece as another isometric environment (and it can still be rendered that way- see below), but it actually ended up holding up okay from other perspectives. I figure I may keep making these environments, then at some point in the future I’ll combine them all into a mega-project, once I get a space large enough to film isometric-type stuff in :D.

If you click on it, you can see it pretty big!

I’m the first to admit this one is kind of a mess, compositionally, but it’s still fun. The silhouette from the ceiling was nice, because I could dictate the parts of the room I wanted to show. Otherwise I was seeing the back of the wall in the bottom right hand corner, and it was just awkward. The downside is that all the crossbeams really clutter it all up.

I’d thought designing all the artwork for the arcade games would be a pain in the butt, but it turns out, once I made the template, I could throw almost anything on there and it looked alright. There’s something about big graphic slabs that are really forgiving. Nate Taylor made a couple of em.

Even unrendered it’s really fun to walk around in this environment. It’s not visible in most of the renders, but there’s actually a little entryway with an escalator that leads to the arcade.